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LARP Weapons

Sword 40% OFF

Sword 40% OFF

A blade for the military and swashbucklers alike. An injection moulded blade with a cast rubber grip and handguard to protect those precious digits. Overall length 39" blade length 31.5", balance point 7" in front of the guard. Complies with weapon standards at LT, for more information please see our Blog post. This is a foam weapon and NOT a real sword.

+ Injection moulded blade.
+ Cast rubber handle and guard.
+ Round flexible glass fibre core.
+ Tip reinforcement.
+ Closed celled foam that does not shred.

Length: 39" inches


Ref: Swrd




This quiver is specially designed to keep the bow and arrows together. Easy to carry and store. 100% cotton with wooden straps holder. (Arrows are not included)
SAVE £10




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